The most important part: The Assembly

The correct assembly of compression fittings is very important for a leak free connection. Instructions for safe and secure assembly can be found here.  If you have questions about specific products, applications or application areas, please contact our sales office. Technical advice and training can also be arranged at your premises.

Pipe fittings may have to sustain high pressure surges and vibrations. Product integrity can only be achieved by the use of sf original components and by following sf assembly instructions. Failure to observe these assembly instructions may adversely affect operational safety and may invalidate product guarantees.

 In order to achieve the stated pressure, it is essential that the assembly is carried out correctly and professionally, following sf assembly instructions. Care must be taken when installing pipework to ensure that the fittings are not placed under undue load or stress. Additionally, all fittings and threads should be free from dirt and burrs.

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